MK Marketplace is conveniently located in the outskirts of the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) in Brampton, Ontario.

We are a family run business, with an emphasis on providing quality items from reputable brands. Every item listed on this website was sourced from Canadian distributors. 
Mk Marketplace is owned and operated by Mk Online Distribution Inc. 

A Personal Story.

A few years ago, the family was camping at Restoule Provincial Park just off North Bay in Ontario, a distance of approximately four (4) hours from Brampton with no traffic issues. 

On the way in on a Friday midday, on driving into Restoule Park, the engine of our vehicle begin to emit a knocking sound. It was a loud knocking sound, coming from the inside of the engine. Its a sound that is an indication of an engine that is failing from the inside. 

On the Saturday morning, after an initial self diagnosis, many phone calls were made to mechanic shops in the area, however, this was a country side and all shops were closed for the weekend and would only reopen on Monday morning.
On Sunday midday, a decision was made to drive back to Brampton, and see how far the engine would last for. 

When it rains, it pours. From Restoule Park to the main highway was a series of smaller interconnected roads and the Garmin GPS was depended on to guide us to Highway 11 and then to the 400. In that most inappropriate time, the 12V Cigarette Lighter Power adaptor that powers the GPS begin to malfunction and cut off power, and with that the Garmin GPS begin to power off. This was a cheap adaptor purchased online for $3 and that marketplace would ship that 3$ adaptor for free. 

Now, it  was a matter of manually ensuring that the GPS does not power off, and then jiggle the 12V Adaptor until it came on back. That would work for 30s approx, and then power off again and the cycle repeats. It was bad enough having an engine that was knocking harder every moment, and now having to jiggle an adaptor while at it. Couple this stress with heavy slow traffic approaching Barrie  and the never ending prospect of breaking down on the side of the highway with the entire family. 

The engine did give out. With a loud hissing sound, the engine power went out at Newmarket, however, it was in an appropriate area and a pull to the side of the road was done. A taxi was called to take the children home, and then a tow truck for the van. 

Within the next week, I walked into a brick and mortar store and purchased a branded triple 12V Power Adaptor for $22 plus tax. It as a far cry from the $3 for the cheap one that malfunctioned when most needed. That more expensive branded adaptor would thereafter work flawlessly for years. 

It is with this experience in mind that Mk Marketplace was formulated. Quality branded products are listed for sale on this website. These may cost more that those other marketplaces that would sell a $3 adaptor and ship it for free, but, our products would work when needed. 

If  you’re tired of having changing cables that clink and cut off, or headphones that does not connect to Bluetooth, or a mouse that lasts 6 months only, or Powerbank that loses charge quickly, or an internet security software that stops functioning for a cracked code, then Mk Marketplace is for you. 

Henceforth, Mk Marketplace provides products and services based on quality, not price. While price is a factor in selling, its not the only factor. More emphasis is given to providing a product that’s from a reputable manufacturer, or distributor than price. 


Razer Gaming Mouse Wireless Viper V2 Pro 5 Buttons 30000Dpi USB-C Dongle HighSpeed Gen-3 Switch - Black

Razor Distributor
in Canada

Razor keyboards, mice and headsets.

Razer Gaming Keyboard Wired Huntsman V2 Tenkeyless USB-C Clicky Optical Purple Switch - Black

Adesso & Xtech

Adesso products including headsets, iMouse and Keyboards

Shokz OpenRun Red Bluetooth Headset with Mic Bone Conduction - Lightweight - Waterproof IP67 - 8Hr Battery Life

Shokz / Aftershokz

Shokz (Previously AfterShokz) headphones

HyperGear Powerbank 10000mAh 2 Port USB-A Rugged Solar IPX5 Dual LED Flashlights Built in Compass - Black

Powerbanks from

Powerbanks,Speakers, Docks & Chargers

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